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$15/mo. Sustainer Gift - This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible DVD

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Sustaining Members* who contribute $15 or more each month can choose the This American Life: The Invisible Made Visible DVD.

In 2009, This American Life took their show to the stage and, for the first time, added a visual element. This DVD is an adaptation of that show featuring stories and performances by David Sedaris, Tig Notaro, David Rakoff, Mike Birbiglia, Glynn Washington, Monica Bill Barnes & Co., and OK Go. There's found photography, confetti, interactive music, a short film starring Terry Gross, and dance. Ira says it's "one of the best things we have ever done on This American Life."


This Sustainer "thank you" gift is offered at no additional charge as part of a Sustaining Membership contribution. One gift per calendar year only, please.

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